Tableware Trible – Headed Glazing Machine

Technical Data
Number of Triplex Heads18 adet / units
Diameter of Glazed Piecemax. 320 mm
Number of Produced Productsmax. 55 mm
Number of Produced Productsmax. 600 adet/saat
Vacuum Pressuremax. 200-250 bar
Lower Reducer Electrical Poweraprox. 2,2 kW, 1500 devir
Lower Reducer Brakingmax. 32 Nm
Arm Motion Motor Powermax. 0,37 kW
Plate Transfermax. 1,5×3=4,5 kg
Plate Transfer X Axial Strokemax. 1100 mm
Plate Transfer Z Axial Strokemax. 250 mm
Required Pressureaprox. 200 bar
Net Weight (Body)aprox. 600 kg
Dimensions4700 x 4000 x 2450 mm